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Storyboarding for my new book | A day in the life of an illustrator

This morning I woke up good. Refreshed. Energetic. Ready to take on the day. I got my 8 month old up after her bottle, made myself some tea, and just started working while Lucy played next to me. This is great! I thought.... and then she started whining. I played with her on the floor but tried to slowly sneak back to the drawing table. Not happening. So, I decided to take the dog out early and brought Lucy with me. We go for a really nice walk in the park every morning by the way but usually I have more time to work first. Back home I got her brother up, fed them and my other kids breakfast while I scarfed down a cracker with cheese. 

Ok, maybe I get to work for half an hour I thought to myself. That ended up being 10 minutes. Lucy was tired. Time for her first nap of the day. I put her down, I read a book to my second youngest, and then I came back to my drawing paper. YES! I got something sketched out. Five quick sketches making up the first 3 spreads of the book. Dirty diaper. Interruption #1, here we go. Oh, shit! I forgot to start the laundry today. So I continue my way up to the attic to start a load of laundry. Hmm.... I should fold some too but naaahhhh... it can wait. Laundry ALWAYS waits.

Back downstairs the big kids are fighting. And Finn starts to cry over a toy like never before. What is up with today I think to myself. AHH! yes wait for it. I knew it. It was full moon last night. I can just forget about working today completely. So.... here's that picture perfect photo that everyone sees (and thinks ohhhh how peaceful) of me trying to storyboard out my new children's book. A mere few minutes of work done while I was surrounded in chaos. This is my life as an illustrator and stay-at-home mom of five. 

Peace :)