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'Delilah' | New Artwork | Pastel Pencil Drawing

I started drawing Delilah, and pretty quickly I knew she was going to be my new favorite girl. Sometimes you have an idea that turns out exactly the way you had envisioned. Nothing feels better than feeling proud of an artwork - and let me tell you - it doesn’t happen that often. And that’s totally ok! The more mistakes you make, the more you learn, and can better yourself. It’s an ongoing process for as long as I create art. Imagine where I’ll be in 40 years :P

Anyways, here’s my Delilah girl seeking comfort in a bird, and vice versa. It’s a bond between a human and an animal that sometimes can be more meaningful and heartwarming than a human friendship.

‘Delilah’ ©2019 Femke Muntz, All Rights Reserved

‘Delilah’ ©2019 Femke Muntz, All Rights Reserved