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Should I write a creepy children's book? | Children's Book Illustrator

Having lived in the United States for ten years, Halloween became more of a thing each year. Especially when my husband and I started having kids. It was never a thing in the Netherlands so I never celebrated it but I always loved the idea of it. I actually have always loved horror or I suppose more so morbidity (is that a word?)... and ghosts, monsters, graveyards... EVERYTHING! The darkness, the unknown... and it's an incredible thing to create as art. The more mysterious and weird, the more creative you can become with it. Chet Zar (www.chetzar.com) is one of my favorite artists; he creates the most odd looking creatures and they're so fascinating! 

Anyway, Halloween is around the corner and I felt like drawing a quick little pumpkin head. On a cat. In a forest. With a sad pumpkin face in the back. Nothing spectacular, just something I had to do. But after I drew it, I quickly felt that same passion I've always had for the creepy. And it made me think... maybe I should get more into the morbid arts? It doesn't correlate with children most of the time (it can, think of the Nightmare Before Christmas, which I absolutely LOVE!). But my oldest who is 7 thinks that movie is still pretty creepy. Is there a way I can combine my love for horror with children's illustrations? Should I work on a creepy monster children's book?