Femke Muntz
Illustrator and Children's Book Author

Meet the artist

Meet the Artist

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I work from my humble home studio in the attic of our house. I wanted my workplace to be homy and inspiring so I hung up dreamcatchers, woven wall hangings, and vintage frames with some of my art. I bring my children to school every morning, make a cup of tea, and start my work day... (okay, let's be honest; laundry and dishes first :P). My artpieces are made with pastel and I consider my style to be organic, whimsical, and almost all my pieces depict sadness or sorrow. I like to draw girls/women with wide spread eyes and sullen expressions. I call them my moody girls. For some reason I’ve always been drawn to drawing sorrowful girls (not that I am :P). I never get bored of drawing them and every character is a part of my soul. I love every one of them and they inspire me to expand my moody girl collection.





I was born and raised in the Netherlands and grew up in a creative family. Surrounded by my mom's handwoven creations and the smell of clay and paint, I spent my childhood drawing to the sound of my dad playing piano. Enough inspiration, right? I couldn't quite find my niche though, and always wanted to go travel the world. At seventeen years old I met an American, and at nineteen I decided to leave my country to be with him. We married, and I ended up living in the United States for ten years before deciding together to move back to the Netherlands. We now live here with our five children. If I'm not busy doing art or photography… or raising children (when they sleep haha), I like to thrift shop, create new recipes, play piano, or dream about traveling the world.