Femke Muntz
Illustrator and Children's Book Author


Meet the Artist



I work from my humble home studio in the attic of our house. I wanted my workplace to be homy and inspiring so I hung up dreamcatchers, woven wall hangings, and vintage frames with some of my art. I bring my children to school every morning, make a cup of tea, and start my work day... (okay, let's be honest; laundry and dishes first). I create illustrations mostly for children's book writers. My illustrations are made with pastel and I consider my style to be organic, whimsical, and it often depicts emotion or humor. When I'm not busy illustrating for other writers, I write and illustrate my own children's books. There's something so fulfilling about coming up with a story that can open up an imaginary world for children. My mind is just one big explosion of ideas and creativity and I'm always excited to start a new project!




I was born and raised in the Netherlands and grew up in a creative family. Surrounded by my mom's handwoven creations and the smell of clay and paint, I spent my childhood drawing to the sound of my dad playing piano. Enough inspiration, right? I couldn't quite find my niche though, and always wanted to go travel the world. At seventeen years old I met an American, and at nineteen I decided to leave my country to be with him. We married, and I ended up living in the United States for ten years before deciding together to move back to the Netherlands. We now live here with our four handsome sons, and a baby girl. If I'm not busy illustrating or raising children (when they sleep haha), I like to DIY, thrift shop, play piano, or dream about traveling the world.