Femke Muntz
Illustrator and Children's Book Author


In today’s world, your presence online and in social media is extremely important. When people view your LinkedIn profile page or your business website, not only do they want to see your experience but they also want to get an idea of who you are. Your headshot isn’t just a picture but a reflection of you as a person and your level of professionalism. It speaks volumes about someones business. Simply put, you should view at it as part of your companies branding and not just as a picture.


The Team

Brian, Femke and Greg Muntz started Muntz Studios based on a shared life-long passion for photography with the goal of working hard to exceed our client’s expectations through excellent imagery, while illustrating our creative talents. They specialize in high-end commercial photography and portraiture. Whether be it a crisp executive portrait, a personable environmental shot, or a stylized fashion shoot they strive to perfectly encapsulate each client’s unique story or vision. With over twenty years of experience amongst them and a diverse academic and photographic background they ensure satisfaction.

Our Services

In today's dynamic economy, a strong social footprint and personal branding strategy are key to the success of every business professional regardless of what specific industry you belong to or your geographic location. When a prospective client, current client, or employer hits the search bar for your name, there will most likely be a plethora of information that has the potential to either bolster or reduce your professional clout. 

The star player in your personal online branding is your profile picture (-headshot, or whatever kids are calling it these days). This isn't just a picture; it's the first given insight to your personality and level of professionalism. You want this 2 by 2, perfectly coiffed adult version of a year book photo to say "I mean business for my business." 

Looking at the headshot on a grander scheme for a business owner, your brand is made up of your team. Every employee's personal image adds to your company culture and is an essential part of what is being projected to your clients and partners. Having a cohesive online presence is essential. 

We at Muntz Studios understand how important your images are to your business. Together we work with your business on a company wide and individual basis to help craft the perfect online picture book of who you are as a company. We will ask you about your business, personality, and key values to help you decide what style you want to project through each photo. Perhaps you are a wealth management guru and you want to project power, wealth, and control in a high rise office environment, or perhaps you are a small business owner working in a sustainable environment and want to show a relaxed, easy-going demeanor that speaks more to your small business values. Whatever the case may be, our goal is always the same: we deliver the highest quality images that resonate with you and your target audience.

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